Centenary Celebrations

September 16th 2019

Our milestone birthday was the perfect excuse to get our staff and their partners together for a celebration. With offices throughout Scotland, and one in England, there have not been many opportunities for colleagues to meet in person before, so this made the event all the more special.

The party was held on 31 August 2019, at Ardoe House Hotel, Aberdeen, and was attended by around 120 people. Before dinner, there were pre-dinner drinks with a mini casino, as an ice-breaker. There was also a caricaturist, Picky Pencil, and the magician, Gary Seagraves, who brought along his entertaining rabbit, Basil. After dinner, there was live music from The Stylists, and dancing; including some very energetic traditional dancing, a Dashing White Sergeant, the Gay Gordon and a Strip the Willow in amongst the disco standards. Guests were treated to a firework display later in the evening, and then it was a return to the dancefloor until 1.00 am.

James Simpson gave a welcoming speech before the dinner, recounting some of the key events of the previous century. He rounded off the celebrations in the morning at breakfast, with thanks to everyone who had attended and who had helped organise the event.

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