Our Centenary

We are celebrating our centenary throughout 2019, which gives us a great opportunity to look back at the history of the company.

Scotland has a long history of producing consulting engineers, from Thomas Telford and the great Stevenson dynasty, to the many Partnerships which were founded in the railway age and went on to design much of Scotland’s current physical infrastructure. Sadly, many of the well-known Scottish consulting engineering firms have disappeared; in most cases through mergers with larger firms. The once familiar names, which appear on plaques on bridges, piers, roads and hydro schemes, are now consigned to the history books.

However, Arch Henderson LLP continues to thrive. Its survival shows there is still a place for the smaller independent consulting engineering practices, where clients know the individuals they are dealing with, and can build up long-term productive working relationships. We think this is definitely something to celebrate.

During 2019, we will be adding to this page with some interesting snippets of history we uncovered during the research for a book about the first 100 years of Arch Henderson. We will be organising a few events to celebrate the centenary. The company now has six offices throughout Scotland and one in England. Later this year we will be bringing all the staff together for the first time, for a party in Aberdeen. No doubt we will have some interesting photographs to share after that.