Decommissioning - Ninian Jacket Transfer

May 4th 2022
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The steel jacket of the Ninian Northern Oil platform has been delivered to Dales Voe Decommissioning Base

The Pioneering Spirit construction vessel and the Iron Lady barge returned to Shetland, bringing the steel jacket from the Ninian Northern installation. The 83 metre high, 8500 Tonne structure was transferred from the Pioneering Spirit to the Iron Lady on Friday 29th April, and the jacket was finally transferred ashore on Sunday 1st May, ready for dismantling and recycling by Peterson and Veolia over the next six months.

Arch Henderson designed the strand jack gravity bases for our client, Petersons Ltd. This completes the transfer of the 40 year old Ninian installation to Shetland for final decommissioning.

Arch Henderson designed the heavy lift quay and decommissioning facility for Lerwick Port Authority as part of a long running project to create a decommissioning hub in Shetland, and continues to work closely with LPA and other project partners in delivery.

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