Construction has started at Lerwick Fish Market

May 4th 2018
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Tulloch Developments Ltd has begun construction on the replacement fish market at Mair's Yard in Lerwick Harbour for our client, Lerwick Port Authority.

The fish market will be completed in early 2020 and it will more than double the landing capacity for Lerwick; and will provide better and more efficient chilling systems to allow the fish to reach their final destination in prime condition. The development will include four temperature-controlled/chilled bays that will extend to 1,600 square metres.

There will also be more space for palletising fish, as well as a 400 m2 chilled transport corridor to improve dispatch.

Our team of architects also designed offices to be built above part of the market for members of the industry, including LHD and Shetland Fish Producers Organisation.

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