Update to our Business Management Certification

September 19th 2019
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Arch Henderson LLP has recently been certified to ISO 45001:2018 by WCS Ltd. The company opted to pursue certification to the new occupational health and safety standard as part of its commitment to the management of health and safety for its staff. The emphasis ISO 45001 places on risk assessment, training and communication on safety issues is crucial to improving health and safety in the workplace.

Over the years the company has gained expertise and experience as a Principal Designer on a number of £ multi-million construction projects. The CDM 2015 regulations were designed to improve health and safety in the construction industry and these two strands are important factors in making incremental differences to improving safety in our industry. Our employees are mostly office based and in a relatively low risk environment, but we are very conscious that the work we do impacts on the safety of others, so we are committed to making improvements for the sake of our staff, our clients and contractors.

We are equally committed to reducing our impact on the environment so our company has also extended its ISO 14001:2015 to encompass all our main offices in the Partnership. This summer we renewed our ISO 9001:2015 and these three international standards underpin our business management system which is used throughout our company.

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