Maritime Engineering

Maritime engineering is where we began in 1919, and it remains a substantial part of our work.

We design harbours, piers, deep-water quays, slipways, container berths, dry-docks, Ro-Ro berths, shipbuilding yards, offshore service bases, breakwaters and decommissioning facilities. We also carry out feasibility studies, dredging schemes, land reclamation, coastal protection projects, surveys and diving inspections on coastal structures; and advise on repairs and remedial works. Our clients include Port and Harbour Authorities, Local Authorities and the Government.

Decommissioning of offshore oil and gas rigs has increased the demand for heavy-lifting and ultra-deep water quays that can cope with the demands of handling and dismantling rigs and offshore equipment. We recently designed the strongest quay in the UK, located at Dales Voe in Shetland, and work has commenced on an ultra-deep water quay in Shetland for decommissioning works, as well as work for other UK ports.

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