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Meet Cameron, learn about her career path and experience of working at Arch Henderson.

Q. How long have you worked at Arch Henderson?
5 years.

Q. What do you enjoy about working for Arch Henderson?
I enjoy working for Arch Henderson because of the friendly environment and staff team. The nature of our work means that most projects require a bespoke design, some of which I might have never done before; my colleagues are always keen to support one another and share knowledge to provide a suitable design solution.

Q. How has your career developed at Arch Henderson?
I started at Arch Henderson as a Junior Technician and have worked my way up over the years to Civil Engineering Technician. Arch Henderson have supported me through numerous qualifications whether that be online tutorials, day-release to college, or in-person seminars. The support has been invaluable, especially while undertaking an HNC, an HND, and most recently my EngTech application. Having colleagues willing to review my work and act as a mentor really helped to build confidence with portfolios, my day-to-day work and within myself.

Q. What is your favourite project you have worked on and why?
My favourite project I have worked on to date is the Seagreen project; this was the first project I worked on from conception to completion and was also the first project that I was given design responsibility for. I was trusted with undertaking a large portion of the civils design including the roads and car park, site levels and drainage design whilst being overseen by a Senior Engineer. I enjoyed working on this because I felt more involved and up-to-speed on design decisions throughout the project and I gained a better understanding of how design decisions are made through collaboration with both the internal and external design team members.

Q. Your advice to someone thinking of applying to work at Arch Henderson?
Go for it! The Archies team are very welcoming, and you are guaranteed to be ever-expanding your skill set.

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