Arch Henderson provides our clients with an efficient service in the various facets of technical, economic, social and environmental performance. This is done with departments in civil, structural, architectural and environmental disciplines all working together to create sustainable developments and a better environment.

The firm strongly believes in integrating the design and construction of projects with an environmental management culture.

Through continued implementation and refinement of its environmental management systems Arch Henderson work towards achieving the following goals.

  • Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Use best practise where legislation is not applicable
  • Use product designs with a whole life efficient use of natural resources
  • Use our architectural & engineering skills to produce aesthetically pleasing design of structures and developments that blend with the environment and incorporate energy efficiency
  • Use of benign construction materials or provide protection measures to give durability and pollution free use
  • Promote recycling and use of recycled materials
  • Maintain our commitment to continued improvement by assessing and reviewing past performances and achievements
  • Incorporate within design measures to minimise negative impact on the natural environment

The organisation and arrangements for implementing this Policy Statement are documented in the company Health, Safety and Environmental Management System Manual, a copy of which is available at each office.

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