For many of our clients, we take on the role of project manager as an expert and independent outsource partner. We provide a whole range of tailored services including undertaking CDM-PD duties, dealing with subcontractor assessments and COSSH risk assessments.

Our engineering knowledge and skill enables us to liaise and lead the process with confidence. This includes the coordination of in-house and fellow consultants, designers and contractors, on behalf of the client. Alternatively, where the client maintains a management role, we work in a supporting capacity, coordinating detail and advising on technical, commercial and programme issues as they evolve.

This professional discipline indentifies the overarching project objectives of cost and programme certainty, risk limitation, coordination of specialists, and management of often unique and complex procurement methods.


We have offices in:

Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Inverness, Lerwick, Falkland Islands, Southampton, Stromness and Thurso.